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Bridges the gap between raw mapping material and geographical information systems. VPmap and VPmap pro provide professional interactive tools to create, georeference, and edit spatial data and attribute information from scanned maps for transfer into GIS. Simply convert raster maps to vector-based maps, utilize intelligent attribute-definition functions, and add individual attributes.The VPmap Series will be targeted at GIS applications, mainly to transfer scanned maps into ArcGIS (ESRI), Map Info, Auto desk Map etc. Thus, VPmap Series Products contain GeoTIFF, SHP, and MIF support for import and export explicitly to and from any common GIS platform.

VPView-Viewing and Inspection
An affordable solution for viewing, redlining and printing/plotting of 2D CAD and GIS drawings and scanned documents. Also, zooming, view rotation and planning is possible. Even reviewing the properties of selected objects and CAD entities is possible! Attributes of GIS Entities are also shown. File preview while browsing through directories and fast document loading is combined with extensive zoom and pan features for quick image handling. Redlining is as easy as picking cloud or an arrow and placing it on the desired area.

A full raster and hybrid solution which goes far beyond standard functions. Stunning raster object editing in direct mode, incl. raster text revions, high accuracy geo-transformation, ineractive line following, rasterization, and color reduction/separation are among a multitude of options of this truly professional image editing tool. For additional automatic raster-to-vector conversion and color vectorization see VPstudio mono or VPstudio.
Additional Features
1.Direct Scanner Interface
2.Enhance Hybrid Editing
3.Color Management
4.Rubber Sheet
5.Split/Merge Raster Files
6.Interactive Tracing
8.Symbol Library
9.Custom Commands
10.Batch Manager

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