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Oracle Primavera API

Most of companies have implemented known popular ERP's / In-house developed ERP to monitor their material resources/ human resources. Also companies have implemented Project management tools like Oracle Primavera to execute and monitor their projects. In these cases, both systems shall be integrated in order to have a single version of truth about the organization's projects, programs, and portfolios. Such integrated scenario helps organizations to have better contract management practises and complete governance over the active projects.
Primavera P6 integrated with legacy ERP / project systems / any other systems enables organizations to combine the planning, resource scheduling, and project management strengths of Primavera P6 with the project sourcing, resource budgeting and planning and financial controlling in order to manage the full project portfolio lifecycle. In addition, executives and project team members can receive the most up-to-date.

1.Financial data transfer from PeopleSoft to Primavera P6
2.Project data transfer from Primavera P6 into PeopleSoft and vice versa
3.Master resource data transfer from PeopleSoft Projects to Primavera P6
4.Delivers single version of truth about organization's projects
5.Overcomes fragmented business processes
6.Provides lower cost of ownership of the integration
7.Simplifies upgrading new versions
8.Synchronize Projects, Structures, Budgets and Actuals
9.Synchronize detailed project work plans, resource assignments, and progress
10.Synchronize Primavera P6 timesheet information to legacy ERP / project systems / any other systems
11.Metadata-driven, flexible data transfer capabilities
12.Absolute alignment between organizational strategy, project execution, and results
13.Clear oversight of project costs and financial management
14.Governance over project-related decisions
15.A single version of truth about the organization's projects, programs, and portfolios
CADD Centre is successful in developing dashboards, reporting portals for top management, database replication of primavera database and database consolidation of primavera database (Two or more different versions of primavera database is upgraded and consolidated into a single latest version of primavera database, accurate project information to improve decision-making and project governance.

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