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Seamless Integration

DvTDM can be seamlessly integrated with enterprise based applications like SharePoint, SAP, Oracle applications. This would enable the enterprise to manage (version control, reference files, workflow approval, project life cycle) their drawings/documents and view without their native format.

Time Tracking

Allows System administrator / Project manager / Team lead / Manager / Approver to record number of hours a file has been open in AutoCAD by end user(s). This would enable project managers as well as DvTDM administrator to understand how much time is spent on creating/approving/modifying a drawing or document.

Version control

Allows user to effectively control document revision processes so that organization agreed procedures are rigorously adhered to. Versioning control plays vital role in. 1. Drawing life cycle.
2. Document life cycle.
3. Re-release of drawing for another project/product.
4. Proper revision control of drawing when it is under creation/checking/approval stage.

Manage Reference Files

Cross checks database to find all drawings to use the same reference files

Water marks

Automated watermarking can be an effective way of maintaining the security and integrity of your drawings. Approved watermark can be applied when the document / drawing is approved by the approver. Obsolete watermark can be applied when the document / drawing is no longer in use. This prevents the user from view / print of the document / drawing. Re-release watermark can be applied when a new version / modified version of the document / drawing is available.


Enables to make comments or mark-ups on an image without affecting original drawings. It enables users to mark the respective areas where the changes are required / to be discussed / being discussed. Near real time, Redlining option helps users to view client requirement/ required modification.

Web interface

Ability to operate DvTDM through internet browser. This enables users in remote project site to view drawing/document files without the need of native application format. Clients from across the globe can view the files and give their comments through mark-ups. This prevents multiple versions stored in multiple places.

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